"She is absolutely wonderful!  Her radiant spirit and hands are intuitive, skillful and healing. My experience with Elisa as a Massage Therapist has been an incredible journey of not only healing my body but working on structural changes in order to prevent future problems. If you are looking for rejuvenating body work, holistic healing or relaxation THIS is your therapist. I highly recommend the gift that she provides for anyone seeking a truly unique bodywork experience."  -Kayce 
"Visiting with Elisa weekly has provided a very powerful healing force in my life. As an adventure junkie I often find myself nursing an injuring, calling Elisa for an urgent appointment, and taking advice to hold me over until she's available. Elisa has proved she's genuinely invested in helping me through injuries and prepares me for self care during the time in-between. She has a knack for remembering the small details that many care providers lose track of. Her variety of techniques is a welcome addition, and has an air of confidence in the subject that only those with a profound love for what they do can carry. Elisa's touch is not the only reason for my consistent visits; she's motivated to help, has an exquisite demeanor, and has helped me to perform my best time after time."  -Daniel 
"I look forward to my body work appointments with Elisa for several reasons. Not only are her strong hands incredibly intuitive and healing, she is graceful and gentle when I need it. She has helped me survive through 6 years of chronic migraines while also encouraging me to move through low back pain. Her shared office space is sweetly welcoming and conveniently located in downtown Boulder. With each session, I leave feeling like a renewed version of my best self, eager to schedule my next appointment and see her beaming smile again. Thank you, E!"  -Bridget 
"Elisa’s hands and energy were made for healing work. Her touch melts pain and tension and her presence is nourishing and warm. I leave every massage I have with Elisa in a completely blissed-out state. She has enough strength to dig deep into trigger points and is thoughtful and responsive for areas that need a gentler touch. I often recommend my patients see her, as I know they will be getting the best!"  -Caitlin, L.Ac.
"I've received massage from Elisa consistently throughout her journey of becoming a professional therapist. Whether it is to supplement healing an injury, relieve stress or just to treat myself to some body work, I'm hooked on Elisa's work. It's more than just therapy - I see it as an artful expression that uses my body and mind as the canvas. I give in all my inhibitions and come out feeling rested and energized. Quite honestly I can never have enough time receiving her care."  -Matthew 
"Elisa is exceptionally and naturally gifted in her passion for alternative medicine and massage. She wakes up senses in my back, neck, hips and entire body, leaving me relaxed and showing that physical ailments can be reformed, managed and overcome. She has helped me understand the way my body moves and rests, proving that the body is intricately connected with itself and to the mind and spirit. I was one of her first patients and I'll be back for life!" -Joseph
"I see Elisa for a couple of reasons. One is chronic muscle tension and occasional injuries that result from continued physical labor in my work. The other is my emotional well-being; I cope with anxiety and periodic bouts of depression. That said, Elisa's skill can improve both the physical and emotional state. Her energy and character are so supportive and calm. Her hands are strong and healing. In addition, I think sometimes it is hard to be at ease with a Massage Therapist, and time in Elisa's office is completely comfortable. I trust her! I would recommend her as a massage practitioner to any and all!" -Maren
"I first saw Elisa during basketball season. I was injured from my duties as a referee. I was initially impressed by her ability to recognize what my body needed and work from there. She has an amazing intuitive touch and genuine skill of knowing what areas need work and how much. Since that first visit, I now consider her to be my regular therapist. Not only does she posses the necessary massage skills, but she also has a unique ability to really connect with her clients and make them feel cared for. A great personality, very easy going, and all of it is accomplished in a warm, safe and professional atmosphere. I would call her style eclectic, as she is able to adjust based on the clients needs. Deep when I need deep, and relaxation when I need it. Thank you Elisa! Glad I found you!" -Zane