My credentials

*900-hour Certified Massage Therapist from Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado (MTIC), Denver

*Licensed Massage Therapist with DORA, Colorado

*200-hour Certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (RYS) from Om Time Studio, Boulder

*Insured with American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)

*Continuing Education Units with Cadaver Studies, Cranio-Sacral, Access Bars, and many other bodywork techniques 


I used to think massage was a luxury. But I have come to realize just how critical body work is to our overall well-being. Yes, it can bring a deep relaxation to the nervous system, releasing stress and tension, but even more significantly, multiple issues in our joints and muscles can only be addressed through therapeutic touch. Regular body work can counter act the harsh postures we experience for long hours every day, can bring length and strength back into injuries, and help maintain a safe homeostasis.

My guiding principle is that health is reached holistically and the body responds to consistent input. Overall lifestyle, including the physical, emotional and mental body, must be taken into account when evaluating and treating symptoms of chronic pain and injury. I'm curious about your habits, activities, and movement patterns. I love discussing client posture and body awareness, and identifying modified stretches suited for specific body types and concerns. 

I am attracted to this profession because it allows me to help you improve and maintain your own health. I strive to increase your anatomical self-awareness, essentially expanding your understanding of your own body, how it moves, how it's all connected. Maybe we can open up some nerve signals that you've never experienced before. I hope to inspire and empower you to move towards a healthy lifestyle. Growth happens with thought, conversations, practice and finding which modalities of wellness work best for you. 

I get just as much from our sessions as you do; every session is a learning opportunity and an experiment. We will work together as a client/therapist partnership. I strive to allow space for open communication because I believe that the most important work is coming from inside YOU. My role is to facilitate change. 

My Background

I grew up and completed my undergraduate work in Ohio. I came to Boulder to visit a friend in 2010 and never left. Colorado's sunshine and mountains, lifestyle, people and variety of activities has captured my heart.

Wanting to dive deeper into my yoga practice, I went through a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training. Intuitively pulled toward the healing arts, this yoga training heightened my fascination both with the human body and my need to promote health and well-being for myself and others. I came to believe that Massage Therapy would be an ideal skill to add to my tool belt. 

MTIC provided me with a comprehensive education in body work, emphasizing not only scientific principles, but palpation skills that balance both a clinical and Eastern approach to healing. When I completed my training, I was invited to stay on as a Teacher's Assistant and I continue to teach and aid in body work classes, act as a mentor for current students, and indulge my love of being in an environment that continually enhances my skills. 

I worked for a couple of years part time in an Occupational Medical Clinic, where I treated worker's compensation patients and acute injury rehabilitation, gaining knowledge and experience with many different surgeries.

Now, I work entirely independently around the front range, with a home office in Boulder.